Most Convenient Smartphone Car Mount
Most Convenient Smartphone Car Mount
Best design to realize one-hand operation and 360 degree rotation provides you best viewing angle when driving.
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Thank Baseus robot car bracket so that I could mount my phone up closer to eye level while traveling using Google maps. Mounted this to the dash at first but the heat from a closed up car loosened it and made it fall off. I am able to position the phone so that it does not impede my view of the road and keeps the phone up where is don't have to take my eyes off the road to navigate.The phone holder is a must have for you car. I mounted it on the windshield and it perfectly stays in its place; but you can also use the vent clip. The adjustable feet adapts to different cellphones, I tried it with an iPhone, and it works. The best feature is the different positions you can secure it, first you can move the telescopic arm until you find the right position for you and then secure it. The arm is super sturdy, and it won't move while you are driving. After securing the arm, you can adjust the phone holder, the pivot ball makes it easy to rotate it to any position you want. I cannot tell yet about its durability, but the quality is good.

Last Edited: Sep. 15, 2019